Our Work

Woolies Wheels and Walks


Blacker Media were engaged by Woolworths partner creative agency, Greenhouse, a division of M&C Saatchi to capture content on their behalf of Woolworths annual charity 3-day bike ride and walk in support of TourDeCure.

With a team of 3, Blacker Media captured both stills and vision from all 3 days of the event as the riders wove from Wollongong through to Huskisson, Bowral and ending up at Woolworths HQ in Bella Vista, Sydney. Our engagement included compiling daily video highlights packages to be showcased at each night’s dinner as well as for distribution across Tour de Cure’s social media platforms. We also were responsible for the creation and generation of 100-200 images per day to enable participants to share their ride or walk experience to grow their fundraising efforts. Post-event, our team created a final wrap-up video as well as packages for the event sponsors, working in collaboration with Woolworths, Greenhouse and Tour De Cure.

Creative Team: Oliver Lowe, Kevin Case & Patrick Blacker